Alkaline Truth Test

Alkaline strip

Alkaline strip should read between 6.5 and 7.5 to maintain health

Slippage comes and we look the other way. Living in denial is so easy for us but using the acid/alkaline ph balance strip will let us know where we stand in the battle for healthy eating. I can’t readily jump on the alkaline bandwagon because hard and fast scientific proof that the alkaline diet works is not available. But, it is telling that most fruits and vegetables are alkaline, and meats and dairy are acidic. In the nutritarian lifestyle we try to eat more fruits and vegetables than anything else, some beans, and some nuts and seeds. Consequently, I usually find myself in the alkaline side when I test it in the morning. (Wet a PH strip first thing in the morning with saliva.) This morning I surprised myself, turning up a 6.0–acidic. Critically analyzing my diet turned up a few hidden treats, like the Snickers candy I ate on the front stoop waiting for my husband. Ironically, I got the candy from my doctor’s office. Then I remembered another chocolate I ate. Then I remembered the large coffee, the white bread dipped in olive oil, the cheese on my salad, and then several other things I let slip into my diet. Oops! The PH strip tells me every time.


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