Why do we call it a Food Store?

Why is there so much bad food in the food store? I mean really, some of the snacks for sale are ridiculously bad for us. There’s all these non-food taste sensations out there for pennies, like Pirate Booty. That stuff is delicious and it has zero nutritional value. It costs less to buy than a bag of bananas. Sweets are everywhere, almost in every type of processed food you can imagine: cereal, milk and soy milk, breads, pastas, and even in condiments. And drinks! There is a whole aisle devoted to soft drinks and it is usually right there when I enter the store, the middle aisle! Who can resist it? Don’t grocery store people know that sugary drinks are addictive? All this awful stuff we eat makes us sick and yet it is made to taste delicious. Isn’t that just diabolical?


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