Love and Hate

And, speaking of diabolical, I want to write that God hates sin. God hates the diabolical tricks set up to entangle us in sin. Some folks have a problem with saying God hates fill-in-the-blank, but I know he hates sin. He doesn’t hate the sinner, no He loves the sinner, but he hates sin (Proverbs 6:16).

So what is sin? Anything that stops us from living a full life in the presence of Him who is life. We are such a fragile living thing, so prone to sin, like a rose who is prone to disease and insects. (And we are pretty thorny too, but that’s another blog.) For example, people constantly suffer from addiction to one thing or another. Food addictions cause a lot of trouble, especially sugar and salt. Not that food is a sin, but the abuse of food, the root of the cause of how we turn to food and not to Him is sin. We are prone to addictions because we are supposed to fill that constant need with Him. And God hates that. He hates anything that keeps us from worshipping Him (praying, singing, meditating and actively loving). He hates it when his children go to bed with stomach aches because they ate too much of the wrong thing, or ate too often. He hates it when his children look in the mirror and the sadness of their own reflection overwhelms them. He hates it when his children find themselves sick with life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. He hates it with a wrath and a fury that burns like a fire (Hebrews 12:29). Understand that, and we will understand a small inkling of how much God loves us.

Take for an example of His love my savior, Jesus, who was by the way, a real person who walked the earth; not a legend. He took all the sin on Him by going to the cross. He bore the sadness, the pain, and the death of it so that we might have a way out of it. He killed a part of himself so that we might fully live–The Living God suffered Death (Psalm 22), the ultimate hated thing (Luke 9:60). Looking at the flip side of God’s hatred of sin is His love for us. If we want to know how much God loves us, know how much He hates anything that stands in the way of a relationship with Him, and how much He sacrificed Himself by taking what He hates upon Himself for our sake. This is my beautiful Jesus, my Old Testament Warring God, the Consuming Fire, the Jealous One (Deuteronomy 4:24 and a gazillion other places) who hates sin and humbled Himself to love us (Philippians 2:8).


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