A Salad is Better than a Burger

The Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there He placed man. — Genesis 2:8

A diet high in phytochemicals will produce a healthy body. Because foods high in phytochemicals and micronutrients are low in calories, a healthy body would also be a lean body. Everyone agrees that body weight is a factor in health. Not everyone agrees on how to achieve a lean body.

I like to fill up on low-calorie foods like greens, vegetables, and fruits. One of the nicest things about eating lots of greens, vegetables, and fruits is that when my stomach is full of these micronutrients I am still comfortable; no tummy aches for me and I feel content.

A salad for lunch is better than a burger as far as nutrients go. A burger gives you a lot of protein, but if I throw some black beans in my salad, I have protein plus about gazillion other nutrients, and no animal fat.

When I eat my nutritarian way, I have a lot of energy and I am happy. It is not easy though because it takes a lot of preparation. For example, I just ate a salad with romaine lettuce (chop, chop), fresh salsa (already chopped, Yay!), corn (cooked from frozen), onions, avocado, and taboule. (I could have put in some canned, low-sodium black beans but I forgot to do that.) It took about 20 minutes of chopping and tossing. That’s fine, but then I needed to make my salad dressing. Having just read Rodale’s blog on the evils of store-bought salad dressings (bad oils, color additives, even stuff called titanium dioxide (read more at www.rodale.com), I wasn’t going to slide on this one today.

I made tahini lemon garlic dressing: Juice of two lemons, two tbs of raw tahini (I think roasted may taste better but I didn’t have any), 4 cloves of garlic (I love garlic), cashew nut butter (because it is milder tasting than peanut butter), Braggs Liquid Aminos (I can almost make nothing without this, it is so tasty), and Italian seasonings. I threw it all in the bullet and blended until smooth. It has a lot of nut fat in it which is good for absorbing those micronutrients, so don’t worry about the butters.

Now I have a salad and salad dressing for the next three or four days but it took me about 45 minutes. But since it makes me full of energy, happy, and content when I’m full,  I think it’s worth it.

Read more: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/shortorder/2011/04/thrive_vs_burger_king_on_the_a.php


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