Where’s the Protein?


Most beans have 12-14 grams of protein per cup. Soybeans have 29, lentils 18.

Switching to a primarily plant-based diet made me wonder if I was getting enough protein. Protein requirements are 40-70 grams per day (your weight divided by 2.2–roughly half your weight). Where’s the Beef and Got Milk commercials reveal our Standard American Diet (SAD) obsession with protein. Animal products are high in protein but they are often high in cholesterol and are micronutrient poor.

It is confusing to folks brought up on a SAD diet to understand that there are many plant-based proteins. Most nuts and beans provide complete proteins when eaten with whole grains (all nine essential amino acids), and many leafy greens provide partial proteins (less than all nine essential amino acids) that may be complimented with other foods to produce a complete protein. Quinoa, a whole grain, also provides a complete protein. All of these plant-based proteins will easily fulfill our protein needs and provide a variety of healthy vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that animal products cannot hope to match.

Protein is needed for healthy muscle, skin, hair, and organ growth and maintenance. Protein helps our bodies fight and resist disease. It is the mainstay of our physical bodies. Even though animal proteins will fulfill our protein requirements quite easily, it is not the best choice for our bodies. So it is with our spiritual bodies as well. We can fulfill our spiritual needs in many ways, including some pretty awful ones,  but without Jesus Christ, our spirit still longs for rebirth.

Like our SAD diets, the world offers confusing religious information. Here is the truth about Jesus Christ: in the same way a man may be a father, a brother, and a son all at the same time, God is the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of God alive today in all believers of Jesus). Jesus is the way to eternal life because He is the sacrfice for our sins, He speaks the truth and his words are recorded in the New Testament, and He gives Life to all who believe in Him. He is essential to our spiritual lives. (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John+14&version=NIV).



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