Pure Water

My water filter is cheap but it works. It get’s out the flouride too.

It is ridiculous how many water “rules” there are in certain diets. For example, there is no proof that drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for us. The main thing is to stay hydrated. Some waters boast better hydration, ionized water, for example, but again, no proof. The alkaline diet is almost impossible to achieve without supplemental, alkaline water, which simply means it has more alkaline minerals in it than acidic minerals.

Water with a PH level of 7 is termed “pure” water, but it is also likely to have some trace minerals which is not a bad thing. Mineral water contains several minerals that are good for us. It is universally agreed that tap water needs a filter (a carbon filter is the best) to rid it of harmful pharmaceuticals, chlorides which taste bad, and fluoride (you can get your fluoride from mouthwash instead as ingested fluoride can leach out calcium from bones). You can test the PH level of your tap water. Most tap waters are somewhere between 5 and 9.

The nutritarian diet does not make water demands. Water comes from many vegetable and fruit sources so there is no need to be drinking glass after glass of water. It is easy to stay hydrated by consuming greens because many greens are full of water. Lettuce, for example, is about 95% water. One of the best things about nutritarian eating is that there is no counting water, calories, fats, points (as in Weight Watchers), etc. The only thing one really needs to be careful about is eating too many nuts and grains if losing weight is an objective.

Jesus drank well water. Probably no pharmaceuticals in his water 🙂 Once he told a woman that he had living water that would satisfy the body so that she would never thirst again and that this water would become like a spring welling up in her and would give her eternal life (John 4). Who would not want water like this?

Jesus is the living water that satisfies a thirst deep within us to be connected with God. Jesus was God in the flesh and he sacrificed himself on the cross because he loves us and wants us back. Without Jesus, we are slaves to evil and death, and lost to God whose purity and holiness cannot overlook our evil (Romans 3:21).

The sacrifice of Jesus enables us to receive God’s gift of his Spirit to reside within us. This Spirit is a power against evil and gives us victory in our lives over sin that once had us entrapped and destined for death. This same Spirit is a power that will raise us up from death into eternal life just as it did for Jesus (Romans 6).

Through God’s humbling himself to be made like man and then allowing us to crucify him, He raised himself up and achieved victory over death which is evil’s intent. Jesus is the “first born” among many who will receive eternal life. He has redeemed us from evil, reclaimed us as his own, and marks us with his Spirit, a deposit, a guarantee of eternal life to us who believe. And God has done this for one reason: because you and I are loved by him and because God considers us worth his own life. Take a daily diet of this water by reading the Bible and keeping a time of prayer and the living water that flows from Christ into us will renew and refresh us like no other water on earth.



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