Hoping for Health

Big Turkey Fryer: out of the kitchen but not quite to the trash.

One of the many benefits of a nutritarian diet is optimal health. Eating foods that provide ready nutrients gives us a healthful, energetic feeling, and feeling well brings joy and comfort into our lives.

The opposite is also true. Animal fats, sugars, and oils leave us lethargic, depressed, and uncomfortable. Many of the “diet-as-a-prescription” doctors like Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Campbell, and Dr. Esselstyn will assert that nutritious food does more than simply make you feel good and look slender, it fights heart disease, cancer, and all sorts of afflictions common in our adult years.

Fried foods, dairy, and sugar can be real stumbling blocks for us. Even nuts and whole grains which are healthful can keep us from maintaining a healthful weight when we eat too much of them. Although most of what we eat may be plant-based, resisting a full plunge into a nutritarian lifestyle can keep us from experiencing freedom from prescription drugs, and rob us of the hope we have in what these doctors are insisting is true.

Our journey in faith seems the same.  The apostles often refer to the old self we were before we believed in Christ. This old self was wrapped up in sin, addicted to pleasures, and on its way to death (Ephesians 4:22). The apostles insist that belief in Christ creates a new person, one who is able to overcome sin through faith in Christ (Romans 6:1-7).

Considering this, we may think that where we find ourselves on any given day is halfway in our old selves and halfway in our new selves because we can still identify sin in our lives. But holy living is a journey and even though it is very important to fight the sin in our lives, it is not alone an indication of our new selves.

We are new creations not because we have stopped sinning but because we have changed from being the enemies of God, to being people who love Him and whom he calls friends (Colossians 1:21-23). It is not what we do that brings us salvation, but what Christ did. It is not by our efforts that we become new selves, but God’s (Ephesians 2:8). Claim your new self today and become a lover of Christ and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit who will help you on your new journey to eternal life and spiritual joy (Romans 8:26-28) .


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