Cookbooks and A Recipe for Living Forever

A soup cookbook I bought at our school’s book fair

I bought another cookbook, as if having a cookbook will make me a good cook. Within the last month I have bought a slow-cooker cookbook, another one with Indian food recipes, one with soup recipes, and Sally Fallon’s cookbook on traditional cooking (Dr. Fuhrman would cringe but it is good to read one’s critics). Whenever My husband travels, he brings me a local cookbook, thinking, of course, that I will become a really good cook. (I think he has finally given up on this since I haven’t received a cookbook from him in a few years.) The truth is that I am not a bad cook; I am a lazy cook. I like things simple. If I spend too much time in the kitchen cooking, I get cranky–Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday.

So, I have a few recipes for cooking nutritarian food that I have shared with you on my nutritarian tab, and you know they are very simple. I have another one that involves kale which is one of those superfoods, a 1000 in the ANDI food rating for nutrients, and one I should eat more often. It is my husband’s favorite green food. I will put the recipe under my tab. Hopefully, I will have more recipes for you soon from all these cookbooks I bought.

The Bible is the main book for the Christian faith. Many people have the Bible in their house with the names of children and grandchildren written on the first page. We used to have one in my family but no one ever read it. The first Bible I read as a young teen was The Good News Bible given to me by my camp counselor. Unlike the ancient tome at home, it was written in today’s English so I could understand it. This was smart of her because she could not be with me every time I had a doubt or a question but God’s Bible could. In fact, anyone can open the New Testament part of the Bible (the back half) and have immediate communion and knowledge of God and His final promise to all. The first four books of the New Testament (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John) tell all about the life of Jesus Christ, the man who was God.

Jesus Christ was God (Mark 14:61 & 62John 4:25 & 26, John 1:14-18, Matthew 15:15-16) . It is difficult to wrap our minds around that fact, but it is just that fact that makes a Christian a Christian and not a Jew or a Muslim. Jesus Christ was fully God and fully man, the first of his kind to be reborn into everlasting life (1 Corinthians 15:42-52). He walked around a small area of the earth revealing what God has planned for us (Romans 16:25-27, Romans 8:18-25), revealing new ideas about God that we still cannot fully grasp (1 Corinthians 13:12), and performing miracles which He still does today through His Holy Spirit. Unlike some cooking recipes, Jesus Christ has a recipe for eternal life that is very simple: follow me (John 8:12). If anyone is seeking to increase his faith, read the Bible (Romans 10:17) and meditate on the life Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:4-9).


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