Nutritarians War on Disease: Diet & Breast Cancer

Foiled Again!

Greens, vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts, and seeds contain the nutrients our bodies need to fight disease and minor illnesses. Animal protein & fats, dairy, and processed foods can act against our healthy bodies to destroy immunity, cause inflammation, and weigh us down with extra but empty calories. This is the basic mantra of the nutritarian.

A frightening thing I often read when I found out I had breast cancer was that cancer would change my life. It didn’t occur to me then that it might change my life in a positive way. I understand my embracing the nutritarian lifestyle as a positive reaction to having breast cancer. I was not hereditarily inclined to get breast cancer so I reasoned that the cause must be environmental. Since I can hardly improve my environment other than by avoiding pollutants, I turned to what I can improve: my diet.

Here is what has happened to me since I began the nutritarian lifestyle: I have a lot more energy, my hair and nails are healthy (even my hairstylist remarked on this). My skin retains more moisture and is less “dry-looking”. I’ve lost the last bit of weight I could never lose before. I still get colds but I’m off my asthma medicine. My cancer has not come back.

Believing in Jesus Christ as a man filled with God who gave his life so we could live forever will change our lives, too. Christ on the cross, the very apex of evil overcoming good (God is being killed-John 19:28-30) is flipped around and turned into good overcoming evil. God dies for his people because he loves us.  (Romans 5:6-8). Jesus’ resurrection overcomes death and thereby “saves” us from death. His death for ours; we are redeemed (1 Peter 1:18 & 19). The beauty of Christ’s actions is so powerful because good and evil continue to war against each other (Romans 7:21-25) but at every level God’s goodness is now the victor (Romans 8:28).

Here is how believing in Christ has changed my life: I do not worry (Matthew 6:25-26). I know that God has created me to love and glorify him ( 2 Corinthians 3:17-18) and that I am well-equipped to do that so I do not seek an important event or career in my life to give me purpose. In this materialistic world, my worth is in Christ so that I am free from envy because I believe God has given me everything I need (2 Peter 1:3) and more would only hurt me (Matthew 6:24). Not only that but what He has given me, he has given me to share for my own joy (Acts 20:35). I know that I will live forever so death is not as fearful and this life is full of meaning for the next one. I have inexplicable joy in my heart because I know Christ is the answer and I have found Him (1 John 5:11 & 12).

My disclaimer: These are my ideals; they are real in moments, as my daughter would say. I  have a driving hunger for processed snacks and often fall into a bag of something (chips, crackers, etc.) over the weekend. Recently, I’ve been into chocolate. I envy, worry, and fear death at every turn. But in all these pitfalls I have a ladder that I can use to climb out, and that is the real power of knowing the truth (Romans 8:31-39). Little by little, day by day, it will transform you.

It will change your life (1 Corinthians 15:51-54).



  1. “so I do not seek an important event or career in my life to give me purpose”

    what a breath of fresh air! you mean I dont have to define myself by how much money i make, how great my boyfriend is, if my i’m sporting the “in” fashion, where i live, what my job is!?! sounds to me like living and walking with a power greater than myself (a power that loves me, cares for me, takes care of me) is so much more fufilling and gratifying than living and walking with the material world.

    ps have you posted any recipies? i would love to have more energy

  2. @Megs: Thanks for you comment. I totally agree. Walking with God is so much better than walking in the material world. And I need to post more recipies! I have a good one for sweet potato soup and for Thai Peanut Curry–these are both sweet recipies 🙂 Getting more energy in my day came from getting more nutrients in my day. Actually, I eat a lot more than I used to.

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