Bean Soup: Your Tool to Fighting Weight Gain

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Research has shown that in our adult years, eating meat, especially processed meat leads to weight gain. Your best bet in fighting off calories and diseases is a plant-based diet, without processed foods, and very little or no dairy. Recent studies have shown that eating the same amount of calories, the meat-eater will gain but the plant-eater will not.

If you are having trouble giving up meat, look for grass-fed, organic meats and poultry and eat only small amounts once or twice a week. Most non-organic meats contain hormones to make the animal bigger and more profitable. However, those hormones end up in the one who eats that meat and these hormones feed cancer cells. Don’t eat those meats.

Instead, fill up on beans and greens, making them the center of your meals. Beans are full of fiber which is good for you, and vegetables have tons of phytonutriets, the natural chemicals in plants that help them fight off bugs and disease. Eating phytonutrients helps us to fight off disease too.

I wanted to try making a creamy soup without using coconut milk. So, I cooked 2 cups of soaked white beans in my pressure cooker along with two large boxes of vegetable broth, a chopped onion, and half a bulb of garlic. Afterwards, I took two cups of soup and beans, and blended them until creamy. I added 1 cup of cashews and a 1/4 cup cashew butter and blended it. Then I took what I had blended and added it to the soup. I also added a couple of teaspoons of Garam Masala seasoning. Just before serving, I added  Swiss chard. This soup has a lot of protein in it, and you can add whatever greens you like. Swiss chard is a mild, delicious green with lots of nutrients.

You are doing everything right and only lack one thing, Jesus told the rich, young ruler, and that was to give up all his wealth (Mark 10:17-27). Some say that was because he put too much trust in his money but it can also be thought of as an allegory to our lives. At every stage, there is something we must give up if we want a fuller and richer life. It seems insurmountable but we know it is hurting us. How do we let go?

I am a big believer in prayer. Nothing is too hard for God, Jesus says later. Impossible for us? Yes. Impossible for God? No. I once prayed that God would give me the desire to give up what I knew was hurting me, because my desire was only to keep hurting myself, and it happened. Prayer happens.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of lots of beans, fruits and vegetables and Friday morning when you get on the scale, you will not be disappointed.


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