A Holiday Treat for Diet and Health

My sister is amazing and my brother-in-law made most of the food vegan.

I enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday food and more tempting treats are sure to follow with everything suddenly Christmas. I have a defense strategy in mind but it doesn’t have much to do with food.

Fasting brings up a lot of different ideas in people’s minds. I have done no food fasts; liquid fasts; and Lenten fasts from specific foods like chocolate, coffee, and wine. We don’t have to be fasting snobs. All fasts dedicated to God are viable fasts and are a powerful way to draw closer to Him. It is between you and God, and no one else (Matthew 6:18).

Prayer and fasting go together, so for the holidays, I hope to do both. This will help me avoid weight gain and also give me the meaningful Christmas season I so desire. You may think this is an odd time to fast but fasting will help me discern Christ in this season of secular and commercial distractions (1 Corinthians 2).

Aside from being very healthy (ask your doctor about it), there are lots of fun things about fasting. For one, we don’t have to spend time considering which holiday treat we can have. It takes mental effort trying to discern whether a couple of Christmas cookies/this brownie/this piece of pie will break the bank, and the pleasure in eating holiday treats is fleeting, often followed by regret (be it ever so slight, it adds up). Another thing is that it is a rare treat to wake up hungry (or for the daylight fast, come to the dinner table hungry). All food tastes better to the hungry eater. Ending the fast is also a lot of fun and makes the Christmas week a special time of celebration. Of course, the best part of fasting is the fact that God is right there with us, our constant help, and our divine guide. He is all we need and being so close helps us to see Him better through all the flashy decorations, the Santa fantasy, and the driving clamour to spend, spend, spend.

So I offer you this Holiday Treat: Fasting. Try a day a week with only a green smoothie for lunch, or everyday, or a no-food fast for 24 hours once a week, or maybe just a fast from all those calorie laden treats. Whatever you decide, know that God will bless it because it is done to honor Him. And don’t forget to ask for a blessing from God during your fast. He is willing to bless those who love Him.


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