Christmas Mourning

Christmas brings a lot of fats and sugars to the table. Food is a way of celebrating and traditional foods often contain ingredients that we have tried to avoid for most of the year. How can we find the will power to keep from indulging in these delicious treats?

With Love to 26 Christmas Angels

With Love to 26 Christmas Angels

A powerful tool for transformation is envisioning the goal. Let’s keep the dream of wellness alive in our minds to help us to fight off the barrage of chocolate coming our way. Actually, for me the chocolate invasion is already here. I received a package full of sweets that my daughter promptly opened. Having these cookies and chocolate covered nuts staring at me from the cupboard was too much for me. I decided to put all the treats in Christmas cookie tins which I placed around the house, but not by the seats I usually sit in. This tactic is known as “out of sight; out of mind”.I have also bought some dried fruit. Dried fruit is not the best food to eat but at least it is not made with refined sugar. Hopefully I will reach for this instead of chocolates and cookies when I’m feeling a little weak in will power. Dates are naturally sweet. So are mangos. Another possible plan is to make my own cookies using oat flour and coconut manna using a variation of a recipe I found online. I love coconut manna.  I use it on popcorn and on vegetables like sweet potatoes. There are lots of recipes on the Internet for making treats without sugar and refined flour. Check out Healthy Girl’s Kitchen and Fat Free Vegan Kitchen for more delicious recipes.

Christmas offers us a world of dreams come true. This year that delusion was shattered by the tragic event in Connecticut. Truly, there is something wrong with this world and our pain and heartache are matched only by our confusion over how such horrors can happen. I can only look to the Christ child for hope and answers. These days drugs and diet are offered as answers but there is something deeper, deadlier, and more cruel than we can comprehend that is out there that cannot be chemically assuaged. For all the six and seven-year old angels, my heart breaks with the sadness of what happened to them, and my prayers are filled with love for their parents and the heroes who selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to protect their students. Just a week before, I wrote a poem for another mother who had lost her sweet girl. Follow this link to find out what answers our God gives to those who mourn: A Poem for mothers who mourn their daughters and God bless you this Christmas.


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  1. “These days drugs and diet are offered as answers but there is something deeper, deadlier, and more cruel than we can comprehend that is out there that cannot be chemically assuaged.”

    so true, i think gun control is a good topic to debate about, but there is so much more going on that also needs to be brought to consciousness. My friends Kathy, Elizabeth, and Adrian talk about a new world consciousness filled with love for God and spirituality…something that comes from within and grows outward to reach and bring together humanity as a whole. Your blog is a great example of this beautiful movement that i believe could really happy. today i can chose to live in my own limited understanding and perceptions of the world, or i can choose to live in the unlimited with God. I want to live in the unlimited, so I too strive to live with the Living Spirit.

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