Merry Christmas: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


It is amazing that there are so many sugary, yummy, chocolaty treats at every turn in the day. Before I had cancer, I would not have hesitated to take a taste of each and every one. I was always careful not to eat too much but I would gladly trade my lunch for a couple of brownies and cookies at Christmas time. I’m more careful now.

But why shouldn’t I still eat what I want for these few celebratory days? So I do; my choices are just a little different. I have dried fruit, a whole pound of General Tso’s Vegan chicken at Whole foods, and today I am busy making stuffed onions with spinach with my daughter who is making stuffed mushrooms. She is a vegetarian and so we bought some dal burgers which I have never tried but I think will be great. For my two meat-eaters I bought grass fed rib eye stakes and a couple of organic Cornish hens–might as well buy as healthy a meat as possible for the very special men in my life. I have fallen prey to some treats and I will have the chocolate hazelnut torte for Christmas day dessert (oh, well!) but I still feel good about how much I have improved from past years.

My new sweet treat: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. Bake a sweet potato, cut it in half, scoup out most of the potato part, add a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of coconut manna and mash all together. Put the mash back into the potato skin, sprinkle with garam masala, and bake until warm (350)

God made a choice too. He chose to come to us as a small, delicate, baby born in a barn full of lambs. No doubt some of those lambs would ended up as sacrificial lambs, just like our Jesus. My daughter told me she was blown away by the immense humility of an all-powerful god being born as a helpless infant. Not only that, but the helpless infant would give up his life, a final blood sacrifice, so that we could have hope in this world. How precious is the story of Christ! Who could imagine such a lovely and grace-filled event? Even now, I cannot fully grasp what He did, what He does every day, and what He will do when we all are reunited with Him. But one thing I know: He is with us. God Bless you this Christmas Day!



  1. “I cannot fully grasp what He did, what He does every day, and what He will do when we all are reunited with Him. But one thing I know: He is with us.”

    so true. so much love, so much unlimited grace and love…

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