Happy New Year Resolutions: Making each year better one year at a time

This year I resolve to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables because the larger the variety of these foods, the better. Combinations of vegetables like tomatoes and broccoli, garlic and onions, and greens with calcium rich foods are healthier than eating any of these separately. There are some specific health issues in my house that call for specific foods. For example, the cruciferous vegetables have strong anti-oxidant qualities that help fight cancer cells and tomatoes are good for heart health so we will be eating more of these.

A second resolution is to eat more beans rather than whole grains because they are good at reducing sugar levels in the blood–this is good news for diabetics. Cancer is fueled by sugar so it is good for me to stay away from it. Dr. Fuhrman’s recent blog encourages the eating of beans, legumes, and lentils over whole grain foods like brown rice and whole grain bread because beans are much more powerful at producing good health. In fact, a cup of beans a day improved health in just three months.

My third resolution is to drink three 4 oz cups of green tea each day. I am reading David Servan-Schreiber’s Anticancer: A new way of Life book. Drinking green tea can reduce my chance of recurrence by 50%.

I hope I can keep these three resolutions and stay away from sugar which is really hard for me. Transforming our diets from cancer-feeding to cancer-fighting requires a lot of change. The standard American diet (SAD) of fast foods, large quantities of protein from animal sources, and sugary staples like white rice and white bread (think pizza) will cause cancer and heart disease to soar in this country. When I first realized I had cancer I was amazed! I thought I was eating pretty well when in fact I was ill-informed and ignorant of some very basic nutritional information. Why? Because it is not taught in schools and in homes where convenience foods have taken the place of healthful meals. Even our government standards for healthful eating are swayed by economic and commercial self-interest. There is an incredible amount of misinformation out there and no one will find the real truth about what is good for their bodies unless they are willing to really investigate.

This is true of religion as well. There are many religions and many truths, many scriptures, and many prophets. Which one is true? Which one pleases God, if there even is a God. We will not know the truth unless we look for it.

Here is a reliable test for truth: The truth will set us free. Free from what, we might ask? Free from condemnation because if we really look at ourselves we will see that we fail to do good. Maybe we can keep up the good work for a short time but eventually all of us fall short of where we should be. To be human is to be flawed. We are not divine but there was one man who was: Jesus and he set us free from having to offer routine sacrifices for our shortcomings. Instead, he is the ultimate sacrifice and we are free to stumble and fall into His arms. He catches us and puts us on solid ground. He gives us a means by which we can transform ourselves, he gives us a truth to live by (the Bible), and he gives us comfort in knowing that he loves us enough to die for us to bring us eternal life.

We can change our diets. We can learn to eat healthfully in the new year. Through prayer and meditation, God can help us to live happy, healthful lives. He does not want us to be sick and overweight. Seek God, and you will find him. Put your life in his hands and let him help you transform your diet, your life, and your purpose this year. We don’t have to “clean up our acts” to come to him. He takes us as we are because he knows us even better than we know ourselves.



  1. Amen! Thank you so much for sharing the things you have learned and continue to learn, as well as your struggles and victories. I recently learned the difference between condemnation and conviction, both of which many preachers/teachers use. Conviction by the Holy Spirit brings life and motivates change through the truth and love; condemnation brings death and bondage. I am so grateful for God’s grace and how He is continually, patiently transforming me through His Fatherly love and discipline. May our Lord richly bless and prosper you in the coming year!

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