Nutritarian Habits and the Faith of a Child

During the week my nutritarian diet is full of fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts. I love to smother my cooked greens in garlic and onions and top them off with cooked mushrooms. The salads I make are an anti-oxidant smorgasbord. However when the weekend comes, I lower the bar.

I make popcorn for my husband and me every Friday night while we watch our favorite TV shows (Madmen and Homeland). I pop it in coconut oil and sprinkle it with salt and coconut manna. It is delicious. My husband likes melted cheese on his but thankfully, I am able to resist this. Popcorn is a treat we use to herald in the weekend. It is much healthier than chips or “processed” snacks. Try to buy organic popcorn.

My spiritual life is flip-flopped. The weekends are great. I have lots of time with the Lord, practicing His presence, singing, writing this blog, and working on my fiction. I read books on spirituality and love to spend time with friends. However, when the week comes, the bar gets lowered again! Trying to practice the presence of the Lord in a room full of noisy kids is, well, difficult for me.

This past month has been different though and very hard on one little girl in my class who lost her father to cancer over the holidays. As a computer specialist, I see many children traipsing through my computer lab each week, but this girl surprised me. This month during our computer drawing time she drew the baby Jesus lying in the manger. Children will continue to draw Christmas stuff like trees and presents in January, but not Baby Jesus.

It was a beautiful drawing for a five-year old, very detailed and colorful. The first time I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes because I had been praying for her and this was Jesus telling me that He was all over her, tending to her heart, and filling her with His love. It was as if Jesus had suddenly jumped into the room.

The second time she drew it, she was very happy when I asked her if she wanted to save it so she could continue drawing it the following week. The next week she had not forgotten about it, and she added all sorts of beautiful details like a bright yellow star with fat, yellow lines shining down all around the stable.  At the end of class, she declared that she was finally finished.

We printed her drawing using color ink, something I don’t do unless it is an important assignment. Though not an assignment, this one was important for a couple of reasons. First, I knew she was drawing the place where her own father rested in the arms of Jesus. Aside from my own interpretations you read here, the motivation she had for drawing Baby Jesus was inspired by the Holy Spirit and written on her heart in a language with no words. God is truly amazing and so is this girl’s faith. Secondly, she had given me a special treat too. She brought the presence of the Lord vividly into my classroom, and so far, He hasn’t left.

At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Matthew 11:25



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