The Struggle to Eat Well and Live Positively

One scone is 420 calories and very little nutrition

One scone is 420 calories with very little nutrition

If we listed everything we ate in a year, the same foods would keep repeating because much of our eating is out of habit. For example, breakfast is often the same thing every day. We wake up too sleepy to make a decision about what to eat, habit makes the decision for us.

Taking just one thing off that list that we know is bad for our health, can make a huge difference over a year. It could slow tumor growth, slow heart disease, and turn us into people who look healthy and feel great.

Even within a few weeks, we can see a weight change just from eliminating one thing we repeatedly eat from our diets. I did this with scones. I used to eat scones every Friday. I am big on celebration food and Friday has always been a celebration day for me. Eliminating that one thing from my diet helped me to shed a couple of pounds over time.

A good habit is to read the Bible every day. Much of what the Bible tells us is positive. In fact, God’s good news about Jesus Christ is so great that we tend not to realize how good it is. For example, if I just open the New Testament to some random page, the chances of me finding a positive message is  very good. Here, I will do it. This is the verse I found: Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures (Acts 24:45). See how positive that is? God will open our minds to understanding.

If we make it a habit to eat good food; we will gain health and feel great. If we make it a habit to read the Bible every day; we will begin to think more positively and the harshness of this world will fade away in the light of the Truth about Jesus Christ.

God is always ready for us when we come to Him, so don’t hesitate. Open your Bible and see what you find. You don’t have to read a whole chapter, just look for one little verse that says something to you. Then think on it all day and all the negative, addictive thinking that makes us anxious and worried will melt away. For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power (1 Cor. 4:20). That means it’s not just words on a page, but a message of Truth from the God who loves you.



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