Nutritarian Juicing

The big mouth cuts down on prep time

The big mouth cuts down on prep time

Nutritarians get a lot of water from all the fruits and vegetables they eat, but Johns Hopkins Alternative Medicine site recommends 8 glasses of water a day. That’s a lot of water.

So, I bought an Omega big mouth juicer. I had a hard time deciding what I really needed because the masticating juicers are supposed to be healthier than centrifugal but in the end, I knew the big mouth was for me because it cuts down on prep time. The opening is so wide I can put a whole apple in it.

My first juice was carrot with ginger. It was delicious. Carrots are sweet. Then I added some kale in the next batch, along with a tomato. All of it was delicious. Juicing is a good way to get the hydration we need without all the fiber that can bulk up and leave us feeling bloated.

Some folks feel that juicing is not good for you and can add weight. This is true if we juice a lot fruits and drink it as a beverage instead of the small meal that it is. Fruit juices have lots of sugar and calories. Vegetable juices are a better choice. Adding an apple for flavor can sweeten the juice, and still keep it relatively low-calorie.

Drinking a glass of vegetable juice can give you a lift in the afternoon. As the day wears on our bodies tend to get dehydrated and a quick nutritious drink can give us the energy we need. The same is true with our mindsets. As the day wears on, our spirits can begin to sag. Practicing the presence of God in the middle of the day reminds us that we are not alone. This life can be really tough and it is good to know that Christ has a plan for us, a plan to give us hope and a future.

Just as you would take time for an afternoon snack, take time to enjoy the Lord with songs of praise or a prayer of thanks. So many of our Bible verses declare the goodness of God, His love for us, and His faithfulness to us regardless of our failures. Remembering that Christ is always with us is a way to renew our minds and bring His powerful love into our lives.


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