Nutritarian Public Enemy #1: Sugar

A school project showing the amount of sugar in beverages.  Knowledge is power at any age. Choose wisely.  (Facebook: Inspiration For Mind Body)

A school project showing the amount of sugar in beverages.
Knowledge is power at any age. Choose wisely.
(Facebook: Inspiration For Mind Body)

Sugar is poison to our bodies. A new study shows that high fructose, fructose, and sucrose are directly related to type 2 diabetes. Dr. Lustig’s video explains the reasons why we should avoid these sugars that are so toxic and why consumption of refined sugars can cause a host of health issues.

A recent New York Times article, “It’s the Sugar, Folks,” preps us for some very interesting upcoming activity concerning the government regulation of these sugars, an ingredient that is found in almost all processed foods at a quantity that is now known to be toxic. Processed foods use high doses of salt and sugar to cover the lack of taste in processed food, foods that we sell worldwide. In addition, a new study also from the NY Times, reveals that the Mediterranean Diet is very beneficial for those with heart disease.

As more reliable and true nutritional information falls into the hands of the public, we are faced with some very big decisions. Let’s have faith that we will work together to create nutritionally sound food supplies, especially for low and moderate income families. Right now cheap food is often processed food.  Good nutrition takes time, money, and will power when all around us we see tasty sodas, salty snacks, and sugar-laden desserts. We are at a turning point when demand for healthy food may well take precedence over our addictions to sugar and salt. Health-oriented markets like Whole Foods is a reflection of a more health conscious society.

Eating is often social. Nothing beats a good meal with good friends and family. The same is true of spirituality. We were made to worship with others. The Christian Church is the bride of Christ, that is, we who worship together are the Lord God’s most beloved and intimate relationship.  The meal that reflects the deep love that Christ has for his church is the bread and wine given to us the night Jesus was taken to be hung on a cross.

Creating a spirituality out of solitary prayer and study is like eating a meal of Twinkies. It tastes sweet but it will not get us through the day. We need each other, we need to love and be loved. We were not created to be alone, but to serve one another with holy reverence and respect in the arena of Christ’s holy church. So many times we get our feelings hurt or we feel ashamed of what we have done or not done, and we give up before we can realize the power of forgiveness and healing. We limit ourselves when we avoid committing to a church for whatever reason (and there are many reasons) when it would ultimately generate authentic Christian relationships for us, including a more authentic relationship with Christ. As Benedict J.  Goreschel in Spiritual Passages writes, Christ’s last discourse to His disciples makes clear that in a divine way He thought it better to love (His church) and lose than not to love at all.

Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy

— Ephesians 5:25



  1. My daughter’s graduate work in food science was with 100s of mice which developed tumors due to a diet rich in “high fructose corn syrup” . With her work and many others, I was happy to see the industry finally made the needed changes. She works R/D as a scientist representing major companies and has lectured me for years on the dangers in our processed foods. After having experienced cancer, I now recognize the importance of my child’s “lectures”. I have now finally grown up and am listening much more attentively. Keep up your important work. I am listening.

  2. Thank you, John. My daughter has given me much information on the link between health and food. We are lucky to have such smart young women! Your daughter is doing us all a world of good. Live strong.

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