Hunting for Hidden Salt and The Sermon on the Mount

Take the refined salt and toss it. It is no good for you. It is striped of all the minerals our bodies need, it may promote high blood pressure and calcium loss in bones, and it is ruining the true taste of salt. Buy sea salt and sea seasonings (photo). They have the minerals we need, they taste good, and they promote good health when used in healthful amounts.

A healthful amount of salt is approximately 2,000 milligrams per day. Our salt intake can quickly rise if we are eating processed foods, so be careful to check labels. Salt is added for a preservative and also to disguise the lack of taste in processed foods. Look for “no salt added” or “low sodium” on the label. For example, soy sauce is very salty.  One tablespoon is 920 mg of sodium (Kikkoman). The low sodium brand is only 525 mg for the same amount. Low sodium teriyaki sauce is only 320 mg. When comparing sodium content on labels, check the serving size. Bragg’s Amino Acids is a soy sauce alternative and looks like less sodium than lite sodium soy sauce but the serving sizes are different. Bragg’s is 160 mg for 1/2 teaspoon while sodium lite soy sauce is 525 for 1 tablespoon.

Check the sodium content of doughy foods like donuts, bread, rolls, crackers, and biscuits which can have from 200 to 400 mgs of sodium per serving. Pizza, cold cuts, hot dogs, bacon, most canned foods, and fast foods contain high amounts of sodium. Condiments and salad dressings can quickly add over 200 mgs of salt per serving (and we know those servings are small compared to what we really use). Restaurant foods also add salt. Most restaurants have a nutrition page on the their website which lists the sodium content of their foods.

The best way to monitor our salt intake is to cook without salt and only add salt at the table. Stay away from processed foods and drink lots of water, but check bottled water labels for salt, too. Once we back off of all this salt, the true taste of salt will be far more pleasing.

The Sermon on The Mount is known for the words of wisdom Jesus spoke when he first began his ministry. In the very beginning of his sermon, Jesus tells his disciples they are like the salt of the world but cautions them not to lose their saltiness because nothing can make them salty again. Jesus’ disciples would one day preserve the message of Christ to all the world, that is, that Jesus was the sacrificial lamb, the ultimate and last blood sacrifice for sin. If we live a life a goodness without belief in Christ, it cannot preserve us for eternal life. Just as salt that was contaminated with gypsum was used for keeping pathways free of vegetation and nothing else, so does a good life without belief serve only as a pathway here on earth. The message of Christ is salt for all mankind, it is the Good News and the pathway to eternal life.

Have you ever run into someone who threatens you with hell? Or someone who tells you that despite your belief and your attempts to rid yourself of sinful actions, that your are headed straight to hell? These folks have lost their saltiness and have forgotten the message of Christ that brings life to those who are reconciled to Him. They are looking at you with a worldly view.

Wherever we find ourselves, Christ can meet us there. You do not need to become perfect first!  Faith in Christ covers you like a robe, so that God sees the Holy Spirit in you and this Spirit cries out to Him. Trust in His love and it will compel you to try again, not out of fear of damnation, but out of the love He bears for you. The love of Christ in your life is like putting salt on your food: He makes our ordinary, dull, every day lives something much more, something quite delightful. Believe in Him and the sin you struggle with today will melt away like snow in the spring that is here in the morning and gone by afternoon.

Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God will satisfy them fully!

Matthew 5:5




  1. Your rhetorical questions regarding being threatened with hell reminds me of an article I read this morning. While it had nothing to do with proselytizing, it touches on forgetting and focus.

    It said, “The vision of the promise had become a consuming passion to set foot in the land, but the vision had slipped from the Lord of the promise to the promise itself.” —Vince Sawyer, pastor

    So it is with people who try to ‘witness’ by enticing unbelievers with heaven and threatening them with hell, rather than introducing them to their Creator and Savior who loves them.

    Thank you, Katherine!

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