For Nutritarians and Christians Life is Sweet Enough

One soda exceeds the recommended daily allowance for sugar (American Heart Assoc.)

One soda exceeds the recommended daily allowance for sugar by theAmerican Heart Assoc.

Check out the sugar content on the nutrition labels of packaged foods. Sugar goes by many names: sucrose, dextrose, dextran, fructose (the worst is high fructose corn syrup), maltose, mannitol, all syrups, caramel, all juices, diatase, and many more. Honestly, are food makers purposely listing sugar with other names to confuse us?

The order of ingredients listed reflect amounts. The earlier an ingredient is listed, the higher its amount. Sugar is often at the top of the list. Sugar is in everything. It is used to sweeten foods, add bulk to them, brown them or make them crunchy, it is used as a preservative, and to chemically react with other ingredients, like yeast for example.

Natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables is combined with fiber to slow the absorption process. Added refined sugar has no fiber to slow down absorption so it will cause a quick increase in energy and a drop later on. The same is true with juices. juicing four or five carrots will give us a very sweet drink with no fiber. Even though the sugar is “natural”, it gives the same quick energy boost. Look out for fruit juice concentrate, cane juice, and fructose on labels, as they are basically the same thing as sugar.

Children can stand food to be much sweeter than most adults because their bodies use sugar to grow. All types of sugars are used by our cells. If we have cancer, those cancer cells will be fed by the sugar we eat. Where normal cells would store excess sugar, cancer cells will keep growing. This where we get the saying “cancer loves sugar”. All cells love sugar but cancer cells form a group of cells that will not stop growing. Cancer cells do not store sugar for later use, and they use sugar that would otherwise be used or stored by healthy cells.

Sugar is addictive but without any real nutrition for the body. Anyone who drinks soda or eats chocolate knows that. The calories are empty and often leave us in a worse state than before we consumed them. It is hard to quit sugar and stopping often causes withdrawal symptoms like confused or sluggish thinking, tiredness, headaches and stomach-aches. The American Heart Association recommends not more than 6 teaspoons for women (36 grams total) and 9 (54 grams total) for men, but if you are like me and striving to become a nutritarian, no added sugar is our goal. Sugar  contributes to excess weight, aging, and many diseases. We are better off without it and, like salt, once we are really off it, it can be surprising how sweet foods taste naturally.

Like sugar, many ideas,  philosophies, social movements, and words of wisdom are attractive, even compelling but can be meaningless and without real substance. One of my favorite TV shows, Battlestar Galactica, used theology to move the story along but their theology lacked understanding of what it meant to be spiritual. Francis A. Schaeffer in his book, The God Who Is There, describes man and the earth as they truly are: in total rebellion to God. Anyone who picks up a world history book will see that man is cruel and evil to himself, others, and to the world he lives in, and that there are cruel and terrible events in nature (floods, earthquakes, etc.). Secular thinking will tell you that we are on our way to an improved and enlightened society; but we are not. World War II  is a clear example and recent proof that no matter how hard we try, we cannot save ourselves. That belief is sugar-coating a rotten apple. Our only hope is Christ who sacrificed himself so that we might have an inheritance into a better world (the Kingdom of God) and become better people through the transforming love of God.  There is no other answer.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.
Proverbs 14:12


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