Living Food and My Best Friend

My Best Friend

My Best Friend

Raw food enthusiasts will tell you that eating raw vegetables and fruits is like eating a life force that energizes and renews your physical well-being. Juicing advocates praise vegetable juice because it provides a super concentrated amount of phytonutrients and antioxidants. Alkaline proponents believe most fruits and vegetables are alkaline and are the best food you can give yourself. Everyone agrees that fruits and vegetables does the body good.

Nutritarians seek nutrients which can be gotten easily through fruits and vegetables whether they are raw or cooked. Some nutrients, like the lycopene in tomatoes  is more easily absorbed with a little cooking and some olive oil. Other nutrients, like Vitamin C, are completely destroyed by cooking.  Many nutritionists will tell you only to eat cooked mushrooms, never raw ones, because they carry toxins which are killed only by cooking. However, most fruits and vegetables are wonderful just as they are without any cooking. Recently, I ate raw collards and found them to be delicious without cooking.

Dog food is probably the worst food on earth. Much of it is made from animal parts, even diseased animal parts that cannot be used for anything else. I tried to make homemade dog food once but my dog did not like my cooking. She is my best friend, but lately she has taken a serious dive. I have had several dogs and I have seen this behavior in all of them at the end, perhaps this is why I am crying so much over this one: I know what it means.

The tragic position of animals under our supervision makes me cringe. If anyone is the least bit interested in seeing first hand how we “take care” of our food animals, there are videos and photos available via the Internet that will make you weep. My dog is under my care and even with my best efforts, I have failed her.

More than anything I want Christ to come back and restore our world to us. We are miserable caretakers. Disease, climate change, the food industry, the medical/pharmaceutical industries, and our own denial is enough to convince me of our wretchedness, not to mention our tendency to make war and the chaos and evil that erupts through that.

A few days ago, my son sent me a check with a note of apology for something he had done a long time ago. I had long forgotten but he had not, and was making amends. As I drove up to the drive-through bank teller, I looked down at his note written on white stationary and thought how clean it looked, how “clean” my son wanted to be,  how “clean” he was in my eyes, and how “clean” we all are when we come to Christ with a repentant heart. God must love us so very much.

Some very grievous sins are a part of our culture, part of where we are as the human race, part of what we have got ourselves caught up in because we live in a world with other human beings. It can be a disappointment for a young person to grow up and find the world as it is. Or we can be blind to these sins unless God in His kindness, opens our eyes. When I find myself in a state of heavy-hearted repentance because despite my best efforts, I cannot seem to do what is right in this confused and convoluted world, I turn to Jesus Christ because there is no one else, and no other answer. He is the final sacrifice given for sin. He is our only hope. If not Him, to whom would we go? He has the words that give eternal life.

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.” The Promise of Jesus Christ in John 6:51



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