Local Produce & Close Encounters

Did you ever look at the location label on produce?  Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand produce comes to the US via plane and lots of air pollution. Buying local produce is so much better for ourselves and our earth. My daughter supports local farms by buying local produce for our family, and she offers the following points to consider.

We often think of cars and power plants as large contributors but shipping produce can add a great deal of pollution, as much as 40,000 cars and 263 power plants, just so we can buy our favorite fruits and vegetables year round (National Resources Defense Council).

Not only is foreign produce causing air pollution but it also robs us of the nutrients found in fresh and local produce. It takes a lot of travel time to ship produce and each day it takes, our food looses precious nutrients. Some of the food we buy from overseas may have been picked weeks, even months earlier, not to mention how long it is stored in our own houses.

Eating local produce year round helps our bodies to enjoy a diverse amount of food. A diet of many varieties of foods offered throughout the seasons is healthy. Local food also provides genetic diversity because smaller local farms often grow many different varieties of crops so that they have a longer harvest time.  Smaller, local farms that plant a variety of crops conserve fertile soil and protect water sources by including meadows, woods, and ponds on their farms which also  improves air quality.

Supporting local farms by buying their produce is helpful to our communities. Shopping at local farmers’ markets provides a connection between eater and grower, and gives us insight into the seasons of foods, our precious land resources, and the food we eat.

Attending a local church, reading commentaries and books about God, and listening to Christian radio can give us a daily or weekly dose of spirituality but they are much less powerful than our own close encounters with God through His holy scripture. Reading the Bible everyday is the best way to encounter the God that loves us, The Bible is a living and active tool of God that the Holy Spirit uses to communicate God’s love for us and for our salvation. God is willing and able to reveal Himself through His holy word and wants us to know Him personally. Unlike produce that begins to decay after a few days, God’s word is fresh and alive every time we read it. The truth revealed through Jesus Christ, and through the other men and women of the Bible centuries ago is still relevant today. This is the power of God and He is never very far from any of us.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. James 4:8



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