Sugar and God’s Sweet Spot

Have you heard that sugar is bad for us? Of course you have. I’ve heard it was bad for my teeth since, well, since I began having teeth. It is also bad in many other ways, most importantly for me is that tumor cells need sugar to grow. Other bad boy results from sugar are insulin problems, added fat because our bodies convert sugar into fat, and its very acidic, just to name a few.

Fruit has lots of sugar in it but it is served to us in fiber which slows the digestion of the sugar by our bodies, eliminating the sugar spike that raw sugar, honey, and all those other so-called healthy sweeteners cause. Eating fruit is good for us and some of it is very sweet. A ripe persimmon can taste like candy. Dates have lots of sugar with the added benefit of being dense enough to use in dessert crusts, cookies, and yummy gooey fillings. Bananas can be frozen and made into a delicious type of fake ice cream with a little almond milk and nut butter. Dried fruits like raisins, mango, and pineapple can also be a tasty sugary treat that will not harm your body but still satisfy a sugar craving. Be sure that the dried fruit you buy does not have some form of sugar as an additional ingredient in the ingredient list.

Sugar is such a bad boy that it has a variety of names that can fool us. Anything with an “ose” at the end of the word is sugar. Examples are fructose, dextrose, and sucrose. Malts and syrups are sugars. It doesn’t matter where the sugar comes from, it really doesn’t make it any healthier. What is bad is that the fiber has been taken out of it, i.e., it has been processed, and is therefore poisonous to our system because it is coming to us in a highly concentrated form causing a sugar spike that our body needs to “fix” with insulin.

God must have a sweet tooth too because His word talks a lot about a land flowing with milk and honey. God’s own words are described as being sweeter than honey. But unlike honey which can cause illness and promote bacterial growth (eww!), God’s word is “better than” honey. How sweet are the words in the Bible that describe God’s faithful love for us regardless of our actions, sins, and hard-heartedness towards Him. In fact, God’s love is so enduring and so genuine that He has sacrificed the apple of His eye, the very love of His life, for us. But I don’t think Jesus Christ is God’s sweet spot. I think you and I are God’s sweet spot. We are the ones He loves and cares for every day. He listens to our complaints, our grief, our suffering, and He suffers beside us. Give Him your heart today and He will put you in a spiritual land of milk and honey, a very sweet spot, where He is always present to us, and never faraway.

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! — Psalm 119:103


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