GM Food Labeling and A Christian Perspective


Ever wonder why genetically modified (GM) food ingredients are not labeled? Why can’t I go into the grocery store and be certain that I am not buying genetically modified foods? GM foods have been with us for twenty years. Since that time, food allergies have skyrocketed, and so have many diseases. Cancer has now become the number one killer of children. Could there be a correlation?Many people think so but it is hard to prove when the suspect foods have not been labeled. Privately funded research cannot be done on patented products unless permission is given by the patent holder. GM seeds are patented and the patent holders are avoiding testing and labeling. This is because, given the choice, most of us would not choose GM foods because of the risks they pose.

The little testing that has been done proves that GM foods cause gastrointestinal (GI) inflammation that can be cured by switching to a non-GM diet.  Diets that encourage organic produce and meat, chicken, and dairy from non-GM feed, and avoid all processed products will alleviate GI problems and many food allergy problems because GM foods are automatically eliminated by these  restrictions.

GM seeds are Round-up ready seeds that can be soaked in the herbicide and not die like the weeds around them. Food soaked in Round Up is exactly what we are eating when choose GM foods. Is it any mystery why the folks who created GM seeds are the same ones who profit from the sale of Round Up? And, can eating grain soaked in Round Up be good for us? Is it any wonder why it might cause a skyrocketing increase in stomach problems, allergies, and cancer?

Choose organic produce, especially foods with organic soy, canola, cottonseed, corn, and sugar beets–otherwise, these ingredients are most certainly GM; and choose any Non-GM labeled product. Eat grass-fed beef, organic chicken and dairy products. Children are most at risk of developing allergies and GI problems. Protect them from GM foods.

The Christian church and all those who love the God of Abraham are fully armed to combat evil in this world. There is no reason for those who love Christ to profit from anything that is making others sick or taking away their livelihood and harming the earth. Farming has become big business and local and small farms are being swallowed up by industrial farms to reap great profit. GM seeds and big volume, one-crop farming, and are causing us to lose the variety of seeds that will sustain us through all types of weather conditions. Our soil is being drenched with poison and one-crop GM farming is depleting it.

The Kingdom of God is not merely words, but power. Let us use our power to buy from local organic farmers and stand ready to demand GM labeling on all food products. Greed for money and power are often at the center of evil. Though we may not be able to discern it in others, we can at least pray that we are not tempted by it or used to promote it unawares. Pray daily for wisdom and discernment so that what seems benign on the outside can be fully known for its evil on the inside. And take heart, for our God is mighty to save us.

Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law.

Romans 13:10




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