A Chopper and Short Prayers

Vidalia Chop Wixard available at Amazon.com

Vidalia Chop Wizard available at Amazon

I was in the store today and guess what I heard: Christmas music! My daughter was thrilled but I was a little sad to hear the season is beginning again so soon. Christmas season means rush, rush, rush, with lots of last-minute forgotten things to do and no time for my usual lazy Saturday mornings. That’s okay though because Christmas is a season when many folks bathe in the light of Christ even if they don’t realize it. The season is full of glory and praise to God even in the midst of all the false glory and gaudy tinsel.

In honor of the rush-rush season, I will share a few blogs about kitchen gadgets that make life easier and save time. The best gadget I have besides a knife, is my vegetable chopper called the Vidalia Chop Wizard. Eating lots of vegetables requires a lot of preparation and this gadget cuts that time in half. It chops onions, celery, garlic, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, mushrooms, and really anything that fits in the small 4X4 inch metal grid. It comes with two grids, one with 1/2 inch squares and a smaller one with 1/4 inch squares. I use this chopper several times a week to dice food. It is a manual chopper so there’s no motor to worry about and washing it is so easy. I found it on the Dr. Fuhrman site and quickly bought one at Target, although it is available through Amazon.com too. It makes a great, practical gift and only costs about twenty dollars.

During the holiday season I also find myself having less time to pray. A good way to make up for lost prayer time is to say short, one sentence prayers. God hears every prayer and I know He hears short ones because some of my shortest prayers are the ones that are answered the fastest.

If you have a specific prayer you want to pray about often, you will need some sort of cue. Try taping a photo or a symbol that reminds you of someone in a place where you often sit. Every time you see that person’s photo, say a prayer for him. Even if it is just, God bless so and so, you have said that prayer and God hears it. If there is a song that reminds you of someone, or a situation that someone needs help with, lift up that person to God during the song whenever you hear it.

If you just want to spend some time with God and keep finding yourself busy, take a minute to acknowledge that He has brought you to where you are and ask Him if there is anything you are meant to do that will bring Him glory and honor. Then, consider the people around you and begin to hold them in the heart of God’s presence. We need no words to do this, only a mindset that acknowledges that God is present. We may never know why God has brought us to where we are, but we do know that all people carry burdens that God wants to bear because His love is so great for all of us and He does not want any of us to be anxious or to worry about anything.

Of course, short little one-sentence prayers can never take the place of a quiet time of prayer and study, but in a pinch, bringing God into the “now” of our day not only helps those we pray for, but it lifts our spirits too. Remember the little girl who said, “Every time a bell rings it means an angel gets his wings,” on It’s A Wonderful Life? Hearing a bell ring is a nice way to remember that our God is the God of Angel Armies and He is always nearby to hear our prayers.

The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. James 5:16


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