Nutritarian Top Tool: Vitamix & Blending God’s Light

Vitamix $400

Vitamix $400

A Vitamix is a blender that can blend almost any food into a silky smooth consistency in seconds. I know next to nothing about motors but I know hidden behind its black plastic base is a roaring lion of a motor. I was making my smoothies in a smaller blender known as a Bullet before I handed over the horrendous sum of money needed for a Vitamix, and I still kind of miss the Bullet, but to be honest, I just kept wearing them out. After a while I realized that I would be handing over an equal sum of money, and then continue to hand it over, just to keep replacing the Bullet.

The thing I loved about the Bullet was that it was the right size for one smoothie and even came with these cute little cups and lids. The Vitamix holds 64 ounces and since I only needed about 6 it seemed like over kill. I turned on the blender and the whole mess splattered all over the inside of the pitcher in an instant. Consequently, I decided to talk my hubby who jumped out of his skin every time I turned on this roaring lion, into drinking green smoothies so I could use the Vitamix properly.

It wasn’t easy mostly because a green smoothie is green and just looks kind of unappetizing if you are used to orange and pink smoothies. However, I eventually got him to taste one, and after that he was hooked. He even brings one to work every day that I make them. Green smoothies are wonderfully nutritious and easy to make in a Vitamix. (A couple of handfuls of greens, a banana, a sweet fruit like mango, persimmon, or berries–some berries make brown smoothies–and then add all the top-secret, special healthy ingredients like ground flaxseed, matcha tea powder, ginger, pepper, and turmeric and mix it all up with almond milk). The Vitamix mixes all these ingredients to a much smoother consistency than my Bullet ever did.

I also make a lot of salad dressings and sauces in my Vitamix. I can make banana ice cream in it, and I can turn a chunky vegetable bean soup into a very creamy one in seconds using the Vitamix if I really wanted to do that, except I don’t because I have another special tool I use to do that which I will share with you next week (cliffhanger :)).

Blending God’s light into the darkness of our lives is a way to transform our outlook from trapped-in-darkness into the light of freedom. As you know, the light is more powerful than the darkness. Just take a flashlight into a dark room to see that as soon as we turn on the flashlight, the darkness disappears. We can do this with our thoughts as well. The trick to it is to discern our dark spots.

The Christian religion is full of positive thinking. Imagine a man who suffered for us so that we do not have to suffer, and then intercedes for us so that we can talk to the Creator of the World, the most powerful being ever, a personal God that we can pray to anytime we want, and then instead of dying and decaying in the ground after we die, we live forever. Really, there is no down side. God doesn’t even see our sin anymore, it as far from Him as the east is from the west. God is clearly open to us and ready and willing to help us out of any mess we are in, including those extra ten, twenty, fifty, whatever number of extra pounds we have managed to collect and that drag us down into illness and defeat, and that seem insurmountable to lose.

And just exactly how do we do that? We change our thinking. We get rid of the dark thoughts and shine the light of God on them. Some of this is very easy to do. For example, replacing meat with beans will offer us a lot of weight loss. We may think we can’t get along without meat every day (dark thought), but actually eating meat is only a habit and we can replace our meat with some very tasty bean recipes and feel even more happy and fulfilled afterwards. Most people in the US eat way too much dairy which is an inflammatory food, very acidic and poisoned with hormones if we are not choosing organic. It may seem impossible to give up dairy (dark thought) but replacing ice cream and yogurt with banana ice cream and using almond or soy milk (organic only!) is a habit that is easily formed. Of course the positive thought behind all this is a new, happier, and healthier you (light thought) which is a blessing from God.

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.

John 1:5



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