Crock-Pots and The Miracle that is Christmas

Cheap gadget with great benefits. $20 at Amazon.

Cheap gadget with great benefits. $20 at Amazon.

Crock-pots cook food slowly  over hours at a relatively low temperature. Since high temperatures can diminish the nutrition of foods, crock-pots are a great choice for Nutritarians. Crock-pots produce delicious soups and beans with little effort.

Start with a base: carrot or vegetable juice for a vegetarian dish or chicken or beef stock. Add beans and other vegetables, some spices, and at the end of the cooking time, a great heap of greens. It is so easy and so good for you. There are several bean soup packages that provide the beans and the seasoning together. Bean soup is a popular dish during the holidays and a southern tradition in the US for good luck on New Years Day.

Dr. Fuhrman recommends a serving of soup and a cup of beans once a day. Soup fills us up without a lot of calories, as do beans which are so nutritious and so satisfying that we can eat as much as we want. It is a good idea to start with a smaller portion of beans when first incorporating them into our diets and then work up to larger portions since they can create gas and bloating. Be sure to soak beans and cook them until they are soft. Eating beans regularly can produce weight loss.

I have a serving of Jesus every day. He keeps me positive because he fills me with gratitude. What a marvelous man who came to us so many thousands of years ago and provided an answer to our spiritual longing. He has a plan for us, for our future, and a love for us that will never end. He always listens and always has our best interest in His heart. It may be hard to have faith at times of trouble but reading His word every day will bring us the faith we need to persevere. Faith comes from hearing the Word of God.

During Christmastime, these weeks that surround that one day known as the birth of Christ, the world celebrates the light and love of Christ. Everywhere I go I hear music celebrating His birth, His power, and His glory. I am amazed that even those who do not know or believe in His name celebrate His light. The whole world cries out to Him without knowing it and no one can silence Him. This month is like a peek into the future when all of the world will bow down to Him. People string lights, hang stars, sing hymns, and give gifts without ever realizing the powerful glory that belongs only to our Savior. What a miracle it is.

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” — Jesus Christ

Luke 19:40



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