Garlic Gadget Stocking Stuffers and the Flavor of God

Garlic Crusher on Amazon

Garlic Crusher on Amazon

Peeling garlic can be very tedious. Dr. Fuhrman raves about garlic and encourages people to eat a lot of it. I found a garlic peeler that works pretty well. Just a long hollow tube to place the clove in and then roll with the pad of you hand. The peel comes right off. Another way to peel garlic is to shake it up in a metal canister until the shell falls off. The basic concept is to whack the garlic well enough to get the shell off but not damage the clove.

The garlic slicer is a hand-held device that you stick a couple of cloves in and twist, creating very thin slices of garlic cloves. It is good for dishes that want the occasional sweet taste of garlic like salads and  green beans, rather than spicing up the whole dish. For that, I have a garlic crusher. Also a hand-held device that you stick a couple of cloves in and twist, but this one has teeth and crushes the cloves into tiny bits. This is great for soups. A garlic press can also be used to crush garlic and even juice it. It is a simple hand-held device with the garlic clove placed at the point where two handles join and press against a metal mesh side that releases the juice along with tiny bits of garlic when the levers are squeezed together. I don’t use this one very often, preferring to twist rather than to squeeze.

When cooked, garlic is very aromatic. Whenever I start cooking it, my husband often says, “Mmm, that smells good. What are you cooking?” I know it is just the garlic he smells. Garlic is a strong flavor that most people love. People who love God have a certain flavor themselves. Whenever they walk into a room of people, they bring the flavor of God into it. We are often drawn to these people because they carry a lot of hope and the light of Christ shines through them in a most amazing way.

I have a number of people in my life that are like this. The first person I ever met like this was a camp counselor. She was so welcoming and loving, and she often spoke to me of spiritual things like no else had before. My husband, his mother, and my own mother are also like this. Their love for God is strong and steady and they are always ready to build my faith. Through the various churches I have attended, I have always met people like this, and they are a great hope and inspiration to me. The latest person I have in my life right now that carries the light of Christ wherever she goes is my holy yoga instructor. She plays Christian music during our yoga class, opens and closes the session with a prayer, and during rest and meditation she recites verses from the Bible.

Do you have people in your life that carry the flavor of God with them wherever they go? They shine among us like stars lighting up the sky because they offer us the message of life everlasting. What a blessing they are to us and how precious they are to God who wants so very much to reveal Himself to us.

But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere.

2 Corinthians 2:14



  1. Garlic has so many medicinal purposes. I like to drink it in broth when I feel a cold coming on. It lessens the duration and intensity. I love to put it in soup for the kids or even on bread with some olive oil. It’s so good for you. I had no idea there were so many gadgets for it. I just have the garlic press and love it.

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