The Best Nutritarian Food and The Good News

Whole Foods displays ANDI score

Whole Foods displays ANDI score

Nutritarian food has a scoring system called the ANDI score. It rates food from 1-1000 according to the nutrient content. The score considers the number of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants in any given food and the higher the score, the better. At the top of the list are greens like kale, romaine lettuce, mustard, turnip, and collard greens. At the bottom of the list are meats, dairy, sodas, sweets, and processed foods.

The best way to eat the high scoring ANDI food is as a salad. Use one of the greens as a base and add chopped vegetables, onions, cooked mushrooms, black beans, and some high-fat ingredient like olive, avocado, or sunflower seeds. Top it with a homemade salad dressing. My favorite salad dressing right now is just a couple of tablespoons of humus.

Soup is a main part of nutritarian eating that I often skip, but I shouldn’t because soups are easy to make, fill me up, and help me to stay slim. Start with a base like carrot or tomato juice, or broth, add a green, some onions, more vegetables, some flavoring, and some beans. Dr. Fuhrman has a neat little chart for making soup in his Eat for Health book.

Cooked greens, beans, and roasted vegetables are great dinners. My husband likes brown rice with his meal, but these are good with whole wheat pasta too. I usually serve everything with onions, mushrooms, garlic, and some type of cruciferous vegetable.

Nutritarian smoothies are made from fruits and nutbutters. Without the greens, smoothies are a dessert that is thick and creamy and better than ice cream. For a nutritious breakfast, throw in the greens and use almond milk instead of a nutbutter. Serve with a slice of multi whole grain toast.

Eating this way is a healthy alternative to the standard American diet that is so heavy on meats and dairy that have a lot of protein but few nutrients. The nutritarian diet is easy to understand and is good news for anyone who wants to live life to the fullest and eat wonderful food.

The Good News that Jesus gives us helps us to live life to the fullest, too.  His news is easy to understand and without any secrets. Faith in Christ Jesus fills us with joy because it allows us to hope in the future. Our joy is a deep joy that knows that no matter what might befall us, He will be with us, and will help us. His love comforts us and we do not despair in our suffering or trials because we know this life is a shadow of the everlasting life we will have in Him.

Our faith may waver in the face of many who believe there is no God, that we are merely by-products of natural chance, and that our world is an ever evolving ecosystem without any control but our own. However, we are not able to control nature, nor are we able even to control our own actions. We are prone to many vices, to outbursts of rage, to chronic sadness,  and to self-centeredness. Who will free us from these evils? Thank God for our Lord Jesus Christ. He promises us His own Holy Spirit that resides within us and transforms us from our natural state into an everlasting state, from death to life, and from slavery to sin to the power to overcome sin. Though we may suffer for a little while now, we can hope in the future He promises where there will be no more tears and no more pain. Glory to God for He is faithful, even when we are not; His promises stand even when we are unable to believe them.

Faith comes from hearing the Good News about Jesus Christ.

Romans 10:17



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