Trusting Food and God

Did you ever get on the scale and find some unaccounted for, extra pounds? Where did the extra weight come from? Or have you eaten sparingly for a few days without any indication from the scale? Trying to lose a few pounds or stay at a steady weight can be baffling.

Weight gains from a heavy day of eating can be delayed and show up a few days later. We get by the first day but the next day we don’t even notice that we are eating more. Our bodies quickly adjust to the added calories. A few days of this and wham, reality hits the scale with an extra five pounds.

Returning to a healthful diet can take some time before we see a reduction in our body weight.  Replacing meals of animal meats and fried vegetables like french fries with beans, greens, and steamed vegetables creates a lot more fiber that can build up for a few days before we see any weight loss. This takes patience. It takes trusting in healthy food again.

It is also good to remember that just as our bodies will quickly adjust to added calories, we also quickly adjust to fewer calories. As we replace high calorie, low nutrient food with high nutrient, low-calorie food for a few days, we may feel uncomfortably full. This is because we can fill our stomach with high nutrient foods like beans and greens, vegetables and fruits and still have eaten only a fraction as many calories than if we had filled our stomachs with animal fats and oils. Meats, chicken and oils are very dense low nutrient foods and are much healthier for us if eaten sparingly. Meanwhile, the lighter foods like kale, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli and the myriad of other vegetables, should be eaten in much greater quantities as the main dish of every meal.

Doing good works and extending kindness can be just as baffling when the response we get is not what we expected, or we get it “too little; too late”. People can fail us. Our spouses, our children, and our friends can sometimes seem cold and indifferent when we extend kindness and good deeds towards them.  Life can become disheartening and unfair. It can make us angry, cynical or prideful.

Thank God for Jesus Christ who died that we might be forgiven by God for our constant fickleness. Jesus did much for us but what did we do for him? For all his kindness and good works, we hung him on a cross, scorned him, and mocked him. Luckily, he did not put his faith in men but in God, and so should we. If we dedicate our good works to Him, He is faithful, and He will make all things work for the good of those who love Him regardless of the actions of others. Simple acts of kindness done in God’s name are never fruitless.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.–Matthew 6:21


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