The Go-To Place

Cream soda was my favorite.

Cream soda was my favorite.

“I can’t believe all the soda is gone…” missing is what my mom should’ve said and didn’t I know it. My little stash was never in one place. Cream soda, the rich, sugar-red bottles of happiness were hidden all over the garage. In fact, while hiding them I often ran into other stashes not my own. We each had our favorite soda flavor in the variety case, but my brothers and sisters would settle for second best when their own stashes were empty so I boosted my odds by having several ‘go-to’ places. “Honestly,” my mom would complain repeatedly, “I buy a case of soda on Friday and it’s all gone by Sunday.” He-he, not really Mom.

My go-to place today is a closet at the far end of the kitchen, also known as the pantry. I used to keep all sorts of snacks in there and like my mom, every Friday I’d stock up for the week. My favorite snack, Pirate Booty, I discovered just before I found the nutritarian diet. It’s a clever mixture of salt and fat with a popcorn-like design that is more of a burst of flavor for the mouth rather than food for the body. When I exchanged the Pirate Booty and other “taste sensations” for real food like spiced walnuts, lightly roasted and salted pumpkin seeds, and fruit, I would find myself automatically at my go-to place, having gone there without knowing it, and staring into its shelves now empty of my old snack foods, thinking, “Now what was it I wanted in here?”

I wanted a little happiness that I often found in addictive foods chockfull of salt, fat, and sugar. Happiness can be found in many activities and eating doesn’t have to be one of them. The nutritarian diet doctor, Dr. Fuhrman, recommends a swift and vigorous inventory of all these flavor-bursting false foods and to rid the house of them right from the beginning, never to buy or see them again. Replace them with real foods like nuts and seeds, cut vegetables with humus or bean dip, vegetable roll ups smeared with incredible, wonderful nut butters, and a variety of fruits. Get rid of the snacks and your go-to place will not be calling you like an automaton on cruise-control.

I have another go-to place for prayer and devotions. It is a room with a view, a room full of light, a room with photos of those I pray for daily. It has a cross that I can look at while meditating, but I could just as easily look out the window or light a candle. In the winter I have a small heater and in the summer there is a fan so that I am never distracted by the discomforts of cold and heat. It is a place where I can be quiet and be myself with God, a place where I can read and study His word. In the evening at sundown, I have another place where I can kneel and look out at His beautiful handiwork in the sky and praise Him for yet another day that He has given me, another day where God has held it all together in the palm of His mighty hand. God is everywhere but I hope you have a special place to meet Him, a place where His presence is obvious to you. Maybe a sunny place in the garden, or just a special chair in a quiet corner. If not, take some time to make one all your own and God will certainly meet you there.

Jesus went up into the hills by himself to pray.–Matthew 14:23



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