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I am a teacher but I have always wanted to write and so I have over the course of my past summers off, written two books: Refined by Fire for teens and adults, and Faith’s Treasure for kids ages 8-14. I love to write about how Christ works in our lives and the wonderful times when he seems so close to us. Please download and read these ebooks and let me know how you like them! Afterall, a writer needs readers like a teacher needs students. Download them from  Smashwords and leave comments about the book here or on any of my sites.


Refined by Fire Book Cover

A Christian mystery romance

Refined by Fire, a Christian mystery romance story. Kat Keller is engaged to Atlanta’s most eligible bachelor, but could he be a man who will stop at nothing, even murder, to get what he wants?  In this mystery romance, Kat flees to her beloved aunt and uncle in the Tennessee mountains to find answers. Among family and friends, she rediscovers the love God holds for her and finds a future she never expected. (Also available at Amazon.)

When Brent Carroll, Atlanta’s most eligible bachelor, offers Kat Keller love and a life of wealth and happiness, Kat considers his proposal an answer to her loneliness after her mother’s recent death.  The whirlwind of engagement activity that pursues, however, cannot completely distract her from a growing uneasiness that started the night her mother died. To buy more time to think, she returns to her friends and family in the Tennessee Mountains.

But is there another reason Kat wants to come back to Tennessee? Dade Mathers, an old family friend, stirs up old pain the minute she returns. Could she still be in love with him? There’s not much time to find out because as soon as she arrives, Kat becomes entangled in a dangerous feud over her family’s land. Someone is starting fires and danger lurks in the beautiful forests that surround her. Who could be trying to harm her? When Brent follows her to town, she wonders what type of man he really is. Someone who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even murder? Is there still time to change her life around?
Dade Mathers hoped that Kat would come running back into his arms the minute he returned to show her that he had become a man of God like her father. Boy, was he wrong. In fact, he wondered if she even liked him anymore. He sure did mess up a good thing they had as kids. Now he has one more chance but Kat has changed so much. She won’t even go to church. Worse, Kat is engaged to be married and Dade knows he must hide his affections for her. But when her life is threatened and she has no one to turn to, Dade must decide if it is within his strength to save her and then let her go.

Can Kat’s friends and family convince her of God’s tender love for her despite what she did the night of her mother’s death?  Can Dade face the pain of Kat’s constant rejection? Read this enchanting mystery romance and find out what happens when Kat Keller learns to love God with all her heart and to trust Him with all her sorrows.

Faith's Treasure Book Cover

Discussion questions after each chapter

Faith’s Treasure, a tween’s mystery story (ages 8-14). Faith Ann Heart is twelve years old when her family moves into a 150-year-old mansion. Legend has it that the original owner hid a treasure of gold that has never been found. Faith puts on her sleuthing skills to search for it but is soon distracted by another mystery: the boy next door, Dan Nickels. Together, they discover a far greater treasure.

A town in Pennsylvania desperately needs a surgeon like Faith Ann Heart’s father. Pennsylvania is really far from Georgia where Faith lives now, and she is scared because it turns out that her father took the job. Now they are moving to a place where she doesn’t know anyone. Her father says God is calling him up there to serve, so what is she supposed to say to that, “Too bad God, I need Dad more than you do,” not likely.

Faith’s best friend had a going away party for her. The whole eighth grade class was invited. The party was so much fun but when Faith got home she cried for a long time. She had been praying hard for something to happen that would make it impossible to move but so far, nothing’s come up. Instead, some of her teachers told her how much fun it is to move. They told her a little bit about Pennsylvania and it sounded like a cool place. It’s a good thing because it looks like she really will be moving. It is terrifying but it is kind of exciting at the same time, like she is about to go on a fantastic new adventure.

Her mom and dad have been busy all day helping the movers pack everything into the enormous van, when she hears the big truck finally close the door and drive away. Faith runs outside and sees it pulling away down the street…. Find out what happens next in this Christian mystery for kids ages 8-13 by Katherine Kendall.

Each chapter contains discussion questions and a verse from the Bible. Have a weekly book club to go over the questions together with friends. Read a chapter each week. Or, read it out loud together as a family. There is no right or wrong answer to the questions, just time to spend together sharing the Word.

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