Sprouting: Small Things are the Beginnings of Big Things

Mason jar turned into a sprouting jar

Sprouting is a fun way to put protein in my diet without consuming animal products. All sprouts are alkaline, (which is unusual for a protein) and have many micronutrient benefits. I used to buy sprouts, but I like sprouting myself. It’s amazing, really, that a hard, dry, seed with a little water becomes a living thing.

There are lots of websites on sprouting that will teach you how to sprout. I am new at it myself, so here is the best site I found: Sproutpeople.org. They have tons of supplies and seeds to buy, and lots of good advice. They have a section called “Sprout School”.

I sprout wheat berries, and it only takes a few days. I bought a case of two-cup canning or mason jars, the kind with the two-part lid. I set the metal vacuum seal lid aside and used the screw top to screw a piece of soft wire mesh screen over the top of the jar. (I have also used the small netted bags that come with a five head bag of garlic.) Of course, I put the seeds in first. Every night and morning I rinse the seeds in tap water and place the jar under a tea towel on a rack on my kitchen counter, screen side down so it can drain. I usually remember to put a paper towel under the rack to catch the draining drips. I do this for about three days and Voila! it sprouts. Amazing. Store them in the refridgerator.

Small changes we make in our diets can turn into big results. Cutting out all dairy may seem unrealistic but exchanging almond milk for cows milk is a good start, or using plant-based cheeses instead of dairy cheese. Is it hard to cut down on breads and grains? Try starting small by cutting out that weekly sweet bread and exchanging a mock banana ice cream instead (recipe on my nutritarian tab). Or exchanging whole grain breads and rice for refined/white ones. Want to change your attitude towards food? Try counting nutrients instead of calories.

God cares about the little changes we make in our lives (Mark 12:41-44). He is like a mother hen tending her chicks (Luke 13:34). He loves us with a fierce and determined love and He wants us to feel our best (Matthew 4:23). Do you think He cares if you start eating more sprouts and vegetables? I know He does. He can give you the self-control you need to take that first small step toward a healthier you. I know because He helped me.

Using the power of self-control to create a healthier and fitter you is one small step towards creating a stronger spiritual self (Titus 2:12). Unhealthy feelings of self-loathing from over eating and drinking can pull us down into depression and stop us from enjoying community with others. Addiction to sugar is debilitating, It makes us feel dizzy, weak, and falsely hungry. It gives us headaches and stomach-aches and messes with our digestion. It controls our thinking and makes us worry about when we will get our next serving of chocolate/soda/treat (Matthew 6:25-34). Many doctors will assure us that poor eating habits can lead us into more serious diseases later in life.

Do you think God cares? He does, my friend, and He is patient (2 Peter 3:9). You will not wear Him out with slips and slides. Keep trying. Remember, you are an eternal being and your journey begins with one small step every morning.