Nutritarian Christian on the Road

Go out and stand before me on top of the mountain.  1 Kings 19:11

Go out and stand before me on top of the mountain.
1 Kings 19:11

I was travelling through California this past week with my number one partner in life and we were tired and hungry in an unfamiliar city, a potential setup for food failure. We found a small French bistro where we ordered escargot (a romantic food because we ordered it on one of our first dates), salads, and at the last minute I ordered a side of beans. Who orders ordinary beans at a French restaurant? But they were wonderful. Little white cannellini beans in onions and garlic and a tiny bit of pork. It was the best food I had on the whole trip.

We had a few weak moments ordering comfort food which was all around us, but it just wasn’t the same and we always ended up craving the better fare. Our last day was very hard. We had to eat breakfast at the airport. We stood in line at a typical “grill” when I decided to go to one of the coffee shops instead and order oatmeal. I added some fruit to it and sat down to eat. My husband brought his “grill” food over and sat beside me. When he opened it up, it was appalling. It was an egg croissant with bacon and potatoes on the side, all shiny with grease. The potatoes were greenish. He tossed it and got some oatmeal instead. Purposeful eating will turn to habit, and good habits will cause us to prefer the healthier choice.

God is truly awesome in the ways that He can change us and His touch is so light sometimes we forget His power. At Yosemite Park we drove up winding roads on high mountains. We were so high up and there were so many mountains all around us, I could hardly look, I was both drawn and frightened by the sight of it. When we drove into the park and I saw the sheer largeness of the granite I could have cried, really, just completely sobbed over how incredible it was, but I held myself in check 🙂 It was truly awesome and all I could think of was that my God is so much greater than I had imagined.

Ever since God created the world, his invisible qualities, both his eternal power and his divine nature, have been clearly seen; they are perceived in the things that God has made.

Romans 1:20


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